Candidates for Hard to Fit Contacts

Candidates for Hard to Fit Contacts

Candidates for Hard to Fit Contacts

Candidates for Hard to Fit Contacts

Most people are trading in their glasses for contact lenses. They fit comfortably on the cornea to give you a clear image. Contact lenses also give you a wider view than glasses. They are not affected by fog, rain, or heat. They also do not scratch, and they have a wide range of lenses. That being the case, it is not uncommon for some patients to have a hard time with contact lenses.

Some people have an irregular shaped cornea, and others have conditions that make it hard for them to use contact lenses. Here is a list of people with conditions that make it hard for them to go for normal contact lenses.


People With Astigmatism


People with astigmatism have an irregular shaped cornea. Ideally, a cornea has a circular curve. Astigmatism patients have a cone-shaped cornea. Others have two surfaces bending irregularly, causing double vision. It becomes hard to fit them with normal contact lenses. They require special lenses to correct their specific refractive errors.


Patients of Keratoconus


Keratoconus is an eye condition that causes the cornea to thin out and bulge into a cone-like shape. It causes a deflection as light enters the retina and distorts the image. It is a result of weakened corneal tissue. Since it results in irregularly shaped corneas, the patient has a hard time fitting into round contact lenses. The patient can use special custom fit soft contact lenses. They are made to order after a detailed measurement of the corneas.


Post LASIK and PRK Surgery Patients


Post LASIK and PRK surgery patients may have a hard time using contact lenses. They shouldn’t use contact lenses until they have healed fully. Contact lenses can interfere with the healing process after surgery. These surgeries cut out a part of the cornea. For this reason, the patient can have a hard time fitting soft lenses. Rigid gas permeable lenses or hybrid lenses may be the better option for them.


People With Corneal Scarring


The cornea is the outer clear part of the eye. It is resilient and protects the inner eye from debris. A major corneal abrasion can result in scarring. Scratches, burns, lacerations, and some diseases can also result in corneal scarring. Improper use of rigid gas permeable contact lenses can also cause a corneal abrasion. People with corneal scarring are better off using hybrid contact lenses. These rest on the sclera hence they don’t put stress on the cornea.


People With Dry Eyes


Dry eye syndrome can worsen with the use of contact lenses. Some people get dry eye syndrome when they start using contact lenses. It causes the eyes to feel itchy, irritated. You feel as though you have grit in your eyes, causing a burning sensation. It causes pain in the eyes that can lead to blurry vision and headaches. Some brands of eye contacts, such as rigid gas permeable lenses, can hold a good amount of moisture under the lens to prevent dry eye syndrome. You can also have a wearing schedule that allows you to remove them for a while to prevent drying out the eyes.

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