How Sports Vision Therapy Can Enhance Performance

How Sports Vision Therapy Can Enhance Performance

How Sports Vision Therapy Can Enhance Performance

How Sports Vision Therapy Can Enhance Performance

Sports vision therapy can help improve eyesight when contact lenses and glasses cannot. Depending on the sport, you engage in, this type of vision treatment can help improve your visual performance. Vision is an important aspect of your body that can help you perform better. If you want to succeed in sports, you need to understand how sports vision therapy can enhance performance.

As an athlete, you probably lift weights, run, and do other workouts to boost your performance on game day. As a subcategory of optometric vision therapy, sports vision therapy can help you focus visually and sharpen your vision. It is important to do this during athletic competitions to take your game to the next level.


Why Vision Therapy Is Important


Sports vision therapy is highly effective for treating problems, such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, and dry eye. This non-intrusive treatment can also help kids with learning disabilities. Athletes who want to perform well must have a good attitude and determination. They must also put in the time and effort required to raise the level of their game. However, without accurate vision skills, they cannot succeed in their sport.

It is important to have good hand-eye coordination. You need this to throw an accurate free throw or catch the ball. To achieve superior performance, your eyes and hands must coordinate accordingly. Sports vision therapy is the same as getting physical therapy for a sports injury. During the treatment, your brain will learn how to work together with your eyes to achieve superior performance.


How Sports Vision Therapy Works


Whether you are a professional athlete or weekend warrior, sports vision therapy can help you gain a competitive edge. You can develop into a formidable player when you improve the visual skills required to make fast decisions in sports. Players with great visual skills often exhibit greater confidence and abilities within their particular sport.

Nearly 80 percent of perceptual input in sports is visual. Just because you have great eyesight does not mean you are performing to the highest of your ability. It does not mean you can determine how fast an object is moving or where it is in space. Sports vision therapy can help separate high performing athletes from their peers by increasing several visual skills. Some of these skills include reaction speed, depth perception, and visual processing.

Sports vision therapy can enhance performance by improving various aspects of motor and vision abilities. This treatment can improve your dynamic visual acuity, which will enhance your ability to see things clearly while in motion. It can also help you track moving objects better.

Sports vision therapy will also improve your hand-eye coordination. This will increase your ability to pass, hit, grasp, or reach within your sport. It will enhance your eye focusing as well, which refers to the accuracy, flexibility, and strength of your focusing system. This will help you keep objects in focus or quickly change your focus during the game.


Sports vision therapy can also help improve your peripheral vision, visual tracking, and visual reaction time. To learn more about this therapy, call Graham Eye Care in Graham, Texas at (940) 549-1800.

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