5 Things to Know About LASIK Surgery

5 Things to Know About LASIK Surgery

5 Things to Know About LASIK Surgery

5 Things to Know About LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is an effective way to treat refractive errors. The treatment uses laser beams to reshape the cornea surgically so that it can accurately refract or focus light on your retina. As a result, the treated patient can experience clear vision. Read on to learn more about LASIK surgery.

Results Are Immediate


LASIK surgery is a brief procedure and is ideal for individuals who do not like surgeries that take long hours. The surgery is performed on both eyes, one eye after the other. 

Extensive recovery time is not a factor, and the procedure is painless and safe. Many people choose LASIK surgery because of the immediate results after the procedure is complete. You can resume your usual activities immediately after leaving the medical facility. Your specialist will ask you not to overexert yourself and to ensure you wear protective eyeglasses for some days after your surgery.

LASIK Surgery is Successful 


LASIK surgery is popular for its high success rate. Most people who get it experience 20/20 vision or even clearer sight after the procedure. The percentage of failure is so small or close to nonexistent. Ideally, follow what your doctor recommends during your recovery. Doing so will ensure you do not experience any complications as you heal. 

LASIK Surgery is a Safe Procedure

Many people fear eye surgery as the thought of it makes them worry about its dangers. The eyes are among the most delicate organs of the human body, so any procedure that involves them must ensure complete safety. However, you have less to worry about if you consider having LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK technology is very advanced. It happens precisely and has minimal risks. Your specialist will talk to you about the risks during your consultation appointment so you can choose whether to go ahead with the surgery or not. Your surgeon will advise you against the procedure if you have an underlying condition that can pose a significant risk if you have the surgery.

LASIK is a Tried and Tested Surgery


LASIK surgery is not a discovery that is being tested on a population of unsuspecting people. It has been around, tried, and tested since 1988. The FDA approved it in the United States in 1995.

So far, more than 21 million LASIK procedures have happened in the United States. The numbers increase by the day. Globally, the procedures may amount to more than a few hundred million. 

Follow up Appointments


Most patients resume their usual activities on the same day of the procedure. Even so, follow-up appointments are necessary. Doing so will help your specialist examine you to ensure everything is okay. However safe or brief the surgery may be, surgery will remain a surgery with its potential risks.

For more about LASIK surgery, visit Graham Eye Care at our office in Graham, Texas. Call (940) 549-1800 to book an appointment today.

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