Eye and Vision Exams

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Your eyes deserve your attention and respect

To say that your eyes do a lot for you is an understatement. They literally allow you to see the world around you, complete with all of its miraculous sights and colors.

You owe it to your eyes to do everything you can to keep them healthy and working to their full potential. A large part of caring for your eyes is getting regular eye exams to catch any eye problems early.

All of your eye health concerns addressed

You can get screened and treated for a wide variety of eye conditions at Graham Eye Care. Stop by to receive any of the following services:

  • Comprehension vision and eye health evaluations for children and adults
  • Eye injury exams and treatment
  • Screening for a wide range of eye diseases
  • Eye allergy testing and treatment
  • Optomap Retinal Exams
  • Co-management of laser refractive surgery
  • Co-management of cataract surgery

Minimize the negative effects of eye problems on your life. Call or stop in today!


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  • "Graham Eye Care is a place where excellent eye care, professionalism, and welcoming staff all come together to produce a great experience. They even humor me when I make unrealistic demands."
    Martha S. / Graham, TX
  • "Amazing staff and Dr. My daughter has been in glasses for yrs and no one has ever told us she is near sided. We definitely have a new eye dr."
    Shawna McCoy Collins
  • "We love Dr Howell so much! He seriously is such a servant hearted person. Since we have moved, he has still taken such great care of us. Definitely won't be changing doctors - he is worth the drive!!!"
    Laura Howery